Our vision is to empower people to achieve innovation excellence within their life and businesses.


Academy of Innovative Business provides leading knowledge, capabilities and critical services to foster the innovation at all level and to help businesses to achieve their strategic goals. At AIB, our trainings and services grow out of our expertise on business innovation excellence, business innovation strategies, patenting, implementation of innovative ideas and commercialization as well as passion and commitment for continuous research.


Excellence At AIB, we invest significant time and resources to develop training programs of the highest quality. We monitor our performance in delivery and care about every detail to ensure utmost satisfaction and empowerment of people.

The best training and services require synergetic teamwork and collaboration. In the process of developing new training and serving new businesses we welcome partnership which help build value to our industry.

To do something well requires commitment and skills to do it with excellence require passion. At AIB, our passion for providing to every people innovative skills to transform their life and their business in a meaningful way is at the heart of our teaching. This ensures the learning experience for our clients is practical, interactive and, above all, fun.

Throughout the development and delivery of our trainings, we value the contributions of AIB colleagues and our partners. Whoever we teach, and wherever we teach in Australia or around the world, we treat people and cultures with utmost respect, ensuring an open, safe environment where innovation can thrive.